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Dust treatment in other industries

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►Other dust industry and working conditions

        Pricewater Environmental has a professional R & D and technical team. After years of hard work and accumulation, it gradually improves the comprehensive dust purification solutions in various industries. Whether you need a mobile vacuum cleaner, a tailor-made design and engineering proposal, a complete system solution, we are your best partners.

1 、3D printer industry, food processing industry dust control

2、 Dust management in packaging industry and battery processing industry

3、 Textile industry, automobile manufacturing, sanitary and ceramic industry cleaning and finishing

4、Dust management in railway locomotive, new energy industry, and pharmaceutical industry

5、 Metal welding cutting waste cleaning and finishing

6、 Surface cleaning and finishing of powder industry equipment


7、Glass fiber cleaning and finishing inside the oven

8、 Cleaning and finishing of production lines in food bottling plants

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