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Welding / cutting and polishing conditions

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►Welding and cutting fume industry and working conditions

        Cutting, smashing, sand blasting and sanding tool kits connect vacuum suction, capture to the source of the suction arm of manual arc welding, gas shielded welding, argon arc welding and robot welding, and extract large amounts of dust to flame, plasma and laser cutting , Puhua Environmental Protection provides you with a comprehensive cost-effective fume extraction solution.

1、Welding smoke purifier stand-alone (suitable for occasions with few stations and scattered distribution such as gas shielded welding and argon arc welding)

2、 Welding fume purification single machine dust control (suitable for occasions with few and scattered stations such as gas welding and argon arc welding)

3、 Special welding machine

4、Smoking hood

5、Polishing table (split & integrated)

6、 Environmental protection welding torch

7、 Grinding wheel cutting and grinding

8、 Grinding and dust removal of large steel tube boiler

9、Low power laser welding

10、 Laser welding station

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