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Workshop cleaning and finishing

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►Workshop cleaning and finishing industry conditions

        For the cleaning, collection and sorting of dust, particles, oil and other substances scattered on the ground and work surfaces in industrial plants, clean rooms, electronics, food, pharmaceutical production lines, metal processing workshops, etc. Line, for different working conditions, we can provide highly targeted customized solutions, such as cleaning work machine (CNC processing machine tools, lathes, milling machines, etc.), absorption of metal fragments, dust, industrial oil pollution, coolant mixed waste, welding Grinding workshop floor cleaning, construction industry dust-free operation, drilling and milling processing while walking and suction.

1、 Workshop cleaning and finishing

2、 Residual dust and particles on processing shelves and equipment surfaces

3、 Cleaning and finishing of sanitary and ceramic industry

4、 Flooring, construction industry cleaning

5、 Metal welding cutting waste cleaning and finishing

6、 Surface cleaning and finishing of powder industry equipment

7、Cleaning of dead corner dust inside the equipment

8、 Cleaning and finishing of production lines in food bottling plants

9、Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners for operation in explosion-proof areas

11、 Equipment, production line supporting vacuum cleaner

12、 Vacuuming in clothing and textile workshops

13、Vacuuming operation in feed processing workshop

14、CNC machining machine cleaning operations

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