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Comprehensive treatment of powder dust

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►Powder operation industry and working conditions

        Many processes in the powder processing process will produce dust pollution. We commonly have dust escape from the feeding port and discharge port of the crusher, dust escape from the mixer / disperser, and dust from the inlet and outlet of the vibrating screen. , The inlet and outlet dust of the reactor, the dust at the inlet and outlet of the packaging machine, etc. The typical characteristics of this kind of working conditions are large amount of dust, small particle size, flammable and explosive. Will cause waste of raw materials, and even there is a hidden danger of explosion safety. Therefore, Puhua has corresponding industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collectors for various working conditions of dust processing, and has a complete set of dust processing dust purification solutions.

1、 Mixer, disperser

2、 Dust removal at feed opening and discharge opening

3、Dust removal at conveyor transfer point

4、 Cutting, grinding, drilling and milling, sanding and dust removal (furniture, woodworking industry)

5、 Dust treatment of other powder operations

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