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Industrial vacuum cleaners with PWC and where to introduce to you

Befrom:Guangzhou Puhua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   release time:2018-02-01 09:51:46

In a production environment, different industries have different environmental standards, therefore the demands for cleaning tools will be different, but the application of industrial vacuum cleaners range is very wide, mainly embodied in the medical, machinery, electronics and other many manufacturing industries. Today we have to get to know some where industrial vacuum cleaners in the role.

A, factory equipment, machine tools

In factory production activities, some equipment, machine tools in the thin seam will inevitably exist some dust, iron, aluminum, oily be soiled, water damage and so on material conditions. This part USES the ordinary washing machine and it is hard to clean sweep the floor machine, if use air gun is likely to cause secondary pollution, these tend to make managers is a headache.


To production activities can go smoothly and labor saving time, generally USES the industrial vacuum cleaner to clean, after all this will be more clean and fast, and be able to play the role of a protection machine, ensure the production activities.

Second, the textile industry and mining

Why do you say textile industry and mining will suit to use industrial vacuum cleaners? This is because these industry production places more flocculant is hair float in the sky or dusty area. If there is no good machine to clean, using general sweepers cleaning flocculant MAO also easy to stick on the broom, before long will touch more more, so the industrial vacuum cleaner to remove well.


Third, on the railway

Used in railway, which can be used to clean up the car outside the stones, sewage, dust, various small parts can be extended in the corner, and all kinds of different situations as well as being a clean clean and fast. Can clean the dust particles floating in the floor, and will not result in a dusty, keep the environment clean.

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