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SD series basic welding fume cleaners

SD series basic welding smoke purifier

SD series basic welding smoke purifier

Product model:Single, double location of manual arc welding, argon arc welding two shielded welding such as welding dust catcher and filtering

Power: 1.5-3.0 kw 380 v / 220 v
Traffic: 1800-3600 m3 / h
The highest pressure: 2400 Pa
Filtration precision: 3 um & 99.9%
The number of suction arm: single arm or both arms

Product details

SD series - reinforced welding smoke purifier

SD series heavy-duty welding smoke purifier cartridge filter, large flow rate as distinctive features, mobile and convenient, suitable for general machining welding places, specially designed for industrial equipment welding processing, especially suitable for argon arc welding, gas shielded welding and other workplaces. Widely used metal workpiece welding and grinding, cold heading machine, fine blanking machine mechanical processing equipment such as soot.

♦ Siemens motor, continue to escort

Three-phase 380 v voltage power system adopts Siemens three-phase asynchronous motor, special custom aluminum alloy impeller configuration, perfectly combining negative pressure and flow, stable running, low failure rate, noise is small, can continuous working 24 hours a day.

♦ high efficiency filter, refused to dust

Has a variety of optional filter material filter system.

According to the different condition: standard configuration: oil waterproof polyester fiber filter cartridge

Optional: imported PTFE coated filter cartridge, anti-static coating line filter cartridge, cartridge donaldson

♦ ash removal system, efficient and reliable

Ash removal system of air gun manually, ash removal (as shown).

SJ series welding smoke purifier line need artificial 迚 soot cleaning operation, in order to avoid the artificial cleaning cartridge outside surface cause dust scattered, the formation of secondary pollution, we have clear grey door on the back of the machine Settings, and opened the door with air gun blowing the inner surface of the filter cartridge dust cleaning can be realized.

♦ universal inspiratory arm, hover freely

Universal built-in suction arm skeleton, exclusive design, can be 360 degrees 仸 position hover, suction cover wide mask design, can maximum efficiency welding smoke; Suction arm hose adopts advanced polyester material, fire retardant. Optional type horseshoe, hats, etc., can be customized stainless steel material.

♦ draw-out type dust collecting box, convenient and quick

Dust collection box adopts draw-out type structure, cleaning the dust collected, just open the door when welding slag, take dust collection box, convenient, fast and efficient.

♦ industrial casters, chosen by you

Industrial casters is need customers to buy other accessories, can be optional, reserve equipment mounting holes, simple and convenient installation. Wheels adopt top polyurethane (PU), stent use 2.5 mm pickling board increase stiffener, 4 "castor single can carry 150 kg, wheel surface grain design, enhance skid resistance.

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