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Oil mist purifier, protect side you I him

Befrom:Guangzhou Puhua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   release time:2018-02-03 14:05:01

In the process of some metals machining, hard to avoid can form a large number of oil mist particle emission in the air. This is a kind of mixture, contain a variety of chemicals, it is easy to produce microbial breeding or the production of harmful gases, not only harmful to the environment, to human body health also is very influential. In order to control the oil mist concentration workshop, can use oil mist purifier, let us have a detailed understanding below.

A metal processing workshop, the production mechanism of oil mist

Causes of oil pollution in fact there are many, in the process of production, the mechanical, physical and chemical interaction with each other and the use of metal cutting fluid, metal artifacts intense collision or evaporation, these are all the reason. But the main or can be classified as two kinds of mechanism: atomization and evaporation. After intense impact broken formation of small droplets, floating in the air, gathered a large number of hot, or because the work environment, in turn, have steam, and other particles, oil mist.

Second, the harm of oil mist

1, fire hazard, is bad for the environment

Due to the oil mist contains some metal cutting fluid, if too much is likely to cause potential hazards such as fire, is not only such, also can pollute the air in the nature of the environment, in order to response to the call of energy conservation and sustainable development in our country, should adopt this kind of equipment for the oil mist purifier to deal with it.

2, harmful to human body

Because of the main active oil mist in the air, and human contact is inevitable, but the composition to the harm of the body is very big. If workers long exposure to the high concentration of oil mist in the air, is likely to lead to some diseases, like allergic skin diseases or tumor and so on, also may be the cause of genetic influence.

Examples also has a lot of these hazards in recent years, through the study shows that the oil mist metals is indeed in the work environment affect the worker's body, cause some physical skills decline, as time passes.

This is why we want to promote the cause of the oil mist purifier, welcome to the website: http://www.purehua.cn


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