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Purify the artifact | revelation welding smoke purifier function

Befrom:Guangzhou Puhua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   release time:2018-02-01 17:13:20

In some factories, unavoidably necessary welding this procedure, you know, the welding process will produce a certain gas and dust, including some harmful gases, such as ozone, carbon monoxide and oxides, and the welding smoke particles is very small, dust sticky is big, on human health and air quality has great influence.

PWC environmental protection company research and development of welding smoke purifier adopts advanced, reasonable, mature, reliable, electrostatic dust removal process, flexible operation, easy to adjust in the process of purification, high purification efficiency, make the processing of waste gas and achieve the targets is superior to the national discharge standard.

Smoke purifier with beautiful, safe, quiet for characteristic, designed for soldering smoke, laser marking, smoke purifier, brushless electric motor. According to the requirements of the customers of modular combination, can form the arbitrary large central oil mist, smoke purification system, the entire device through the professional design, won't produce secondary pollution.

Then the working principle of the welding smoke purifier? Under normal circumstances, the welding soot and other pollutants is generally under state of negative pressure fan through collecting dust hood, and then through the pipeline to purify processing system, and then under the action of electric field force, make the dust deposition on dust collecting plate, finally achieve the effect of dust and gas separation, then drain.

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