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Industrial vacuum cleaners sudden jam how to deal with at work

Befrom:Guangzhou Puhua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   release time:2018-03-10 15:55:24

Industrial vacuum cleaners in the process of using can often encounter a problem, that is easily blocked, many people are not very seriously, in fact, if not handled in time, will have great influence for the efficiency of work. But many people don't know how to solve, followed after, and see it today.

When industrial vacuum cleaners have jam phenomenon, immediately stop the machine operation, otherwise not only affect the cleaning effect, can also lead to motor for silent anger burn out, you also is likely to cause a short circuit, by accident. In case of congestion, this operation:

1, you first need to see first whether the vacuum suction head there something blocked, because the suction head is directly contact with waste, once has the blocking phenomenon occurs, should first check the site, see if something was blocked, and in a timely manner to clean.

2, if no matter, then we should check the vacuum cleaner hose, vacuum tube folding bending can be carefully check, can take the industrial vacuum cleaner hose down to check, find clogging objects and clean.

3, stop check whether filter on the adhesion of dust is too much, not too clean or replace filter long time will cause the ventilation is not smooth, and congestion, please regular cleaning or replacement and isolation of dust filter, to ensure that the vacuum cleaner.

5, check the float position, the floating ball is stuck inlet, turn off the machine, clean float around the foreign body.

6, if it is dry wet amphibious industrial vacuum cleaner, please check if it does not remove the filter and dust under the condition of water absorption, insulation of wet filter stick dust what's on it, due to closed, appear this kind of circumstance, please clean up in time to dry, the late when water according to the specifications, please remove the dust filter and isolation.

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