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What about the maintenance cartridge filter

Befrom:Guangzhou Puhua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.   release time:2018-02-03 13:59:59

In recent years, with the expanding of industry, the corresponding technology also has emerged a lot of achievements on the research and development machine more and more industrial dust collector was developed, which is a kind of filter cartridge dust collector. In the industrial field as some food, cement, chemical industry, but also to shine, but as you all know, equipment use a long time, is easy to appear problem, but we as long as the good maintenance and maintenance, can reduce the damage rate.

Generally we all need to do the following:

1, clear dust ash discharge cycle regularly, can according to the amount of dust collection system to make sure every day.

2, regular drainage cycle of clear filter, can distinguish according to system gas water separator.

3, in the use of the flagship, often need to check whether filter soot cleaning system can be normal use, if found some abnormal phenomenon, check pulse valve diaphragm, the electromagnetic valve can focus for the phenomenon of failure or damage, so need to repair and replacement in time.

4, regular inspection equipment running resistance, which can be observed by the change of its volatility.

5, according to parts list check the usage and timely replacement of wearing parts.

6, on a regular basis to supplement lubricating oil equipment need lubrication components. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer once every six months to replace gear box of grease, bearing lubrication points added grease once a week.

7, regularly check the differential pressure transmitter for plugging ash phenomenon, to clean up in time.

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