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Simple vertical explosion-proof industrial vacuum

Contracted vertical explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

Contracted vertical explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

Product model:

Product details

Classic explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

Three-phase power supply, classic structure, smooth and quiet operation

♦ flameproof motor

Explosion-proof are identified as: ExdIIBT4Gb

High reliability, low noise, long life, can continuous working 24 hours a day.

Pump body adopts aviation aluminum, professional lathe, precision solid, good heat dissipation, fire resistant to corrosion. 100% pure copper coils, choose the international high purity cathode copper; Phosphating blasting surface treatment, electrostatic painting, colour and lustre is uniform, not to drop paint, scratch resistant. It can be used together with pressure relief valve, can be mounted muffler to reduce noise.

♦ antistatic filter cartridge

Antistatic electroplating aluminum membrane material, PTFE coated processing, filtration precision is high

♦ explosion-proof electrical box

Control system adopts the explosion-proof electrical box with explosion-proof certification

Internal ac contactor, thermal overload electrical components adopt schneider brand.

Flameproof explosion-proof electrical box, explosion-proof marks: ExdIIBT4.

♦ vibration dust removal by manually

Applied to PKD - Ex series and PGD - Ex series

Manual vibrating dust ash removal, struck the inner surface of the filter cartridge in turn, make its vibration, so that the adhesion in the cloth bag dust fall off of the surface outside

Simple and quick, the effect significantly, especially for a large amount of fine dust, high cost performance

♦ manually back pulse ash removal

Applied to recent studies done by PKF - Ex series and PGF - Ex series

0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa compressed air in an instant injection of filter tube inner surface, the expansion of the gas cartridge instantaneous deformation, so that the adhesion in bag dust fall off of the surface outside

A complete set of injection system includes electromagnetic pulse valve + nozzle + air tank + pulse control meter, etc

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