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Simplified horizontal explosion-proof industrial v

Simple horizontal explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners

Simple horizontal explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners

Product model:

Product details

The PSD - the Ex series, explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

PSD - the Ex series products for safety explosion-proof characteristics, compared with other industrial vacuum cleaner structure simple, practical, economical and practical. Suitable for explosion-proof area and flammable and explosive dust continuous operation or industrial equipment. Widely used in metal processing, plastic processing, batteries, foundry, electronics, 3 d printing and other industries.

♦ explosion-proof motor, put an end to motor electric spark hidden dangers

Adopt international advanced technology in power system of explosion-proof turbine blower (pump), double-frequency wide voltage, high reliability, low noise, long life, can continuous working 24 hours a day. Power from 0.25 kw to 4.0 kw optional, power 380 v / 50 hz.

♦ antistatic filter, to eliminate static electricity spark hidden dangers

Using filter cartridge filter filtration system.

Cartridge filter using aluminum plating film surface treatment, anti-static performance is good, the surface resistance of 10 ^ 5 or less Ω.

♦ explosion-proof switch, to eliminate electric spark hidden dangers

The explosion-proof electrical box control system, internal ac contactor, thermal overload electrical components adopt schneider brand

Flameproof explosion-proof electrical box, explosion-proof marks: Ex d Ⅱ BT4.

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