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MC series

MC series oil mist purifier

MC series oil mist purifier

Product model:

Product details

ME series - static horizontal oil mist purifier


1, energy efficient, click customize aluminum alloy wheel, air volume is big, the suction

2, good dynamic balance, little vibration

3, noise less than 60 db (A)

4, multi-stage filtration, filtration precision is high

5, modular structure simple and quick replacement

6, small size, placed on top of CNC machine tools

7, 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm thickness sheet (SPCC), materials, stable operation, little vibration

8, standard configuration DN100 vacuuming

9, the MC - 600 as the standard

10, the MC - 600 type for high filtration precision, equipped with HEPA HEPA filter

11, the separated type oil storage chamber design, reasonable and practical

12, the highest working temperature 80 ℃

13, surface color standard with wrinkles white sand grain + grey, special requirements can be customized

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