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PT series high temperature resistant type

PT series high temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner

PT series high temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner

Product model:Separation of the upper and lower barrels, the maximum temperature resistance is 800 degrees, suitable for the extraction of high temperature solid particles and supporting equipment

Product details

PT series—High temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner

       PT series products are characterized by high temperature resistance and special treatment in many places. Compared with other industrial vacuum cleaners, they have professional insulation and cooling design. Suitable for suction and filtration of high temperature media up to 400 ℃.

♦ High-voltage power and continuous escort

           In terms of power system, it adopts international advanced precision casting turbine fan (air pump), wide pressure dual frequency, high reliability, low noise, long life, and can work continuously for 24 hours. The power can be selected from 0.25kw-4.0kw, the power supply can be single-phase 230V 50 / 60Hz, three-phase 220-240 / 345-415V 50Hz and 220-275 / 380-480V 60Hz, etc., special voltages can be customized.

♦ Classic structure, stable operation

           In terms of the structure of the whole machine, the dust collection system and the power system are placed side by side. It is the most classic model of industrial vacuum cleaners. This structure runs smoothly and moves smoothly.

♦ Efficient filtering and refusing to penetrate the dust

           The filter system uses a star-shaped bag. The star-shaped bag filter uses polyester fiber needle punched felt. Specific conditions can be customized.

           The star-shaped bag filter can be coated to improve filtering accuracy and prevent dust penetration.

♦ Electric dust vibration, efficient and reliable

           As for the ash cleaning system, manual ash cleaning mode is optional, which is simple and practical.

♦ Built-in cyclone separator to reduce the load on the filter

            The built-in cyclone structure is the standard configuration of the machine. At the connection between the installation and the dust suction port, large particles of dust can directly settle down the dust collecting barrel after the cyclone, without the need to pass through the filter for interception and capture. Life.

♦ Stainless steel vacuum bucket, durable

            The vacuum buckets are all made of stainless steel, with smooth walls, convenient cleaning, strong corrosion resistance, and durability.

            The cover of the vacuum bucket is spin-formed by a CNC spinning machine.

♦ Negative pressure detection, dust removal reminder

            The negative pressure gauge is a standard configuration component of the whole machine. It is customized by Puhua for industrial vacuum cleaners. Green, blue, and red correspond to the internal negative pressure of the machine in each power segment. The pointer points to the red area to indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

♦ Industrial casters, standard configuration

            Installation of industrial casters is simple and convenient. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the bracket is made of 2.5mm pickling plate to increase the reinforcement. Each 2 inch caster can carry 50kg.

♦ Separation of upper and lower barrels, convenient cleaning

            The separation structure of the upper and lower buckets is the standard configuration of the machine. The biggest convenience for the user is the convenience of dust removal. When cleaning the dust, you only need to lift the pressure bar, and the dust bucket will naturally fall to the ground. The dust bucket dumps the dust, and then presses the lever after completion.

♦ Professional high temperature protection design

            After passing through the high-temperature filter, the high-temperature gas junction needs to cool down before it can enter the motor, otherwise the motor will cause failure due to the high temperature. Therefore, before entering the motor, we go through a professionally designed water filter and water spray suppressor to cool down the high temperature gas.

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