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ZP series high vacuum vacuum vacuum cleaner

ZP series big air volume of smoke purification system

ZP series big air volume of smoke purification system

Product model:ZPC系列产品以柜式结构、高负压、大容量为特点,ZPC系列在ZP系列的基础上增加了自动变频功能,专为需要变频控制的中央式吸尘系统服务

Product details

ZP series big air volume of smoke purification system

ZPC series products with cabinet structure feature, high pressure, large capacity and ZPC series in ZP series on the basis of increasing the function of automatic frequency conversion, for the need of frequency conversion control central vacuuming system services, configuration turbine vacuum pump, frequency inverter, touch screen, etc., and configure the import of PTFE coated filter cartridge, guarantee the filtration precision and efficiency of H13 level, pulse automatic ash removal function, simple operation, convenient and practical. Mainly used the central vacuum cleaning system.

♦ turbo blower, high negative pressure aspiration

Adopt international advanced technology in power system of the turbine blower (pump), double-frequency wide voltage, high reliability, low noise, long life, can work continuously 24 hours a day.

Adopts aviation aluminum, lathe work, professional precision solid, good heat dissipation, fire resistant to corrosion. 100% pure copper coils, choose the international high purity cathode copper; Phosphating blasting surface treatment, electrostatic spraying, colour and lustre is uniform, not to drop paint, scratch resistant.

♦ cartridge filters, high filtration precision

Choose the filter cartridge filter filtration system, imported polyester base material, PTFE coated processing, the equivalent diameter at 0.3 meters above the powder dust filtration precision above 99%, according to different conditions, the optional higher filtration precision, anti-static such as waterproof, prevent oil, high temperature resistant material.

♦ back pulse ash removal, the effect significantly

Ash removal system cartridge removal by way of the pulse electromagnetic valve connected spiral Sha mouth back pulse, work pressure of 0.4-0.6 MPa, connect the air can be used.

Pneumatic pulse inverse blow system, electromagnetic pulse valve by cylinder, PLC controller, compressed air, pulse valve at one end of the connection of compressed air storage cylinder, the other side connected Sha shot tube. On the cover is equipped with exhaust valve and exhaust valve is controlled by pulse control meter.

When pulse control meter with no signal, the pulse electromagnetic valve start to work, every time Sha soot blowing at around 0.1 ~ 0.3 S is complete, it is the moment Sha out clear ash of high-pressure air play a good effect. Air at high velocity into the filter cartridges, filter cartridges, swelling, caused a shock vibration, the dust attached to the filter cartridges shook, and adsorption on the surface of the filter material is shake off dust in the air to dust in the bucket.

Pulse electromagnetic valve is controlled by pulse instrument automatic control, are free to adjust the pulse width and time interval, the ash removal efficiency higher, more thoroughly, in order to protect the life of the filter cartridge. Electromagnetic pulse valve adopts double diaphragm structure, control sensitivity, high efficiency, continuous Sha 1 million times or more than three years.

♦ intelligent control system, convenient and energy saving

Frequency conversion control system with PLC, inverter, touch screen and pressure sensor, which can realize multiple automation function.

Motor adopts frequency conversion start, reduce the pressure of power grid after moving large current, and make the week long service life.

Can use constant pressure control principle, at the entrance of a pipeline installation of wind pressure sensor, according to the detection of the wind pressure data line must be within the scope of the constant pressure control.

But in every aspiration presented it to install a sensor, when the sensor signal is detected, the host has started running, when all the signal disappears, the host automatically power off. According to the detection of vacuuming access number, frequency converter, automatically adjust the frequency to achieve the best matching parameters and the effect of the energy conservation and environmental protection.

♦ pressure tank adopts 304 stainless steel pressure vessel design and manufacture

Host principal pressure parts made of stainless steel (304), according to the pressure vessel design and construction of the sealing and air tightness.

Beautiful appearance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high cleanliness, can use with food medicine, chemical industry, etc.

The whole machine adopts the structure of semi-closed, facilitate motor dare to hot as well as the maintenance of equipment, the use is convenient, cost-effective.

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