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ZP series high vacuum vacuum vacuum cleaner

ZP series big air volume of smoke purification system

ZP series big air volume of smoke purification system

Product model:

Product details

ZP series - the central high negative pressure vacuum dust collection system

ZP series products with big suction, big filter area, large capacity, high efficiency dust as the characteristic, specifically for super heavy industry environment, large amount of dust, big workload and bad working conditions, such design, widely used in wood flooring industry, furniture industry, fine chemical industry, automobile industry and the central clearing system, etc.

♦ high power, continue to escort

Adopt international advanced technology in power system of the turbine blower (pump), double-frequency wide voltage, high reliability, low noise, long life, can continuous working 24 hours a day. Power from 0.25 kw to 4.0 kw, optional 50/60 hz power optional single-phase 230 v, three-phase 220-240/345-275/380 v, 50 hz and 220-415-480 - v 60 hz, etc., special voltage can be customized.

♦ electric protection, brand-name components

Electrical system, the main electric control parts adopt international famous brand -- French schneider products. Turbine motor to realize independent control electric box, built-in thermal overload protection, optional equal lack of phase, the phase sequence protection, control panel, concise and easy, can easily achieve remote control, linkage control, etc.

♦ high efficiency filter, refused to dust

Optional star bag filter system and filter cartridge filter, star polyester fiber needled felt material is used cloth bag filter, filter cartridge filter adopts imported from Japan TORAY "TORAY" filter material, specific conditions can be special customized.

Star bag filter and filter cartridge filter can be coated processing, improve the filtering accuracy, prevent the dust.

♦ ash removal system, efficient and reliable

Ash removal system optional manual - manual vibration, electric vibration of dust, ash and dust, pulse counter blowing ash four patterns, according to different working condition choose different modes of vibration of dust.

♦ built-in cyclone separator for filters and burden

Built-in structure of cyclone separator is the machine standard configuration, its installation and dust collection junction mouth, large particles of dust particles after settlement of cyclone separator can be directly below the dust collecting barrel, do not need to pass filters to intercept and capture, can increase the service life of the filter.

♦ stainless steel dust collection bucket, strong and durable

Dust collection bucket aspects are all made of stainless steel material, bucket wall smooth, convenient cleaning, corrosion resistance is strong, strong and durable.

Dust collection bucket cover is made of CNC spinning machine for spinning forming, appearance beauty generous, prevent to take off the welding, cracks and other issues

♦ pressure monitoring, clear ash reminders

Negative pressure table is the machine standard configuration elements, is a company dedicated to industrial vacuum cleaners customization, green, blue, red, respectively corresponding to the negative pressure within the period of machine power, pointer to red area representative filters need for ash removal or replacement.

♦ barrels of separation, soot is convenient

Barrels separation structure is up and down the machine standard configuration, give users the biggest convenience is the ash removal is convenient, when need to clean up the dust, just need to press pole, dust collection bucket natural falling to the ground, drag bring castor dust, dust collection bucket fall down after the completion of the pressure rod.


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