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ME series

MEV series oil mist purifier

MEV series oil mist purifier

Product model:ME series oil mist purifier is characterized by electrostatic filtering and horizontal structure, compact structure, suitable for a large number of oil mist places, specially designed for industrial equipment oil mist treatment, especially suitable for oily cutting fluid, continuous work places. Widely used CNC machining lathes, cold heading machines, gear hobbing machines, engraving and milling machines, fine blanking machines and other large-smoke processing equipment.

Product details

ME series - static vertical oil mist purifier

ME series oil mist purifier to electrostatic filter, horizontal structure for the salient features of compact structure, is applicable to a large number of oil mist, specially designed for industrial equipment oil mist treatment, especially suitable for oily cutting fluid, continuous work. Widely used CNC numerical control lathe, cold heading machine, hobbing machine, engraving and milling machine, such as fine blanking machine of lampblack large mechanical processing equipment.

♦ high power, continue to escort

Adopt international advanced technology in power system of Siemens motor or highly efficient EC fan, high efficiency and stable performance and free maintenance.

♦ high power and high level high voltage protection for power supply

High voltage power supply, use, environmental protection design of control circuit, current and voltage double closed loop control, constant current constant voltage output, effectively prevent the arc, and make sure that the purification efficiency of constant;

With short circuit, over current, under voltage and overload protection; Intelligent control of arc: instant pull arc or continuous arc, output jump stop after 1 second, automatic recovery output, 40 seconds accumulated 12 times pull arc or continuous arc automatically cut off the output moment, until the artificial restoration; Protection automatically cut off the high voltage output and output fault signal, which can realize remote monitoring; Completely remove fire hazards for the user.

♦ electrostatic filter, use and maintenance cost is low

Filter system using electrostatic field form, with plate and frame filter preprocessing or activated carbon in addition to taste, special selection according to the different working conditions.

♦ antistatic filter, to eliminate static electricity spark hidden dangers

Using filter cartridge filter filtration system.

Cartridge filter using aluminum plating film surface treatment, anti-static performance is good, the surface resistance of 10 ^ 5 or less Ω.

♦ oil discharge system, simple and convenient

Oil discharge system design of drainage hole, through the manual ball valve control, also can be directly into the internal recycling equipment.

♦ draw-out type structure, change the maintenance is convenient

Filter installation using draw-out type structure, easy maintenance and replacement.

♦ safe protection, prevent to get an electric shock

Safety protection design has the non-contact proximity switch, this equipment is equipped with separate safety switch, which opened the electric door, automatic machine and electricity fundamentally to ensure the safety of operating personnel, prevent caused by wrong operation of high voltage electric shock accidents.

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